Pediatric Sleep Coach Tina Anderson

My name is Tina Anderson, and I am an infant and child Certified Gentle Sleep Coach located in Edmond, Oklahoma. Years ago, I became a pharmacist and then a mother of four children. I sleep trained all four in the 1990s and homeschooled them for 17 years.

More recently, I became a grandmother of two, which is a sheer joy. In the last year, I have enjoyed watching one of our daughters sleep train their son. He is a great sleeper now.

I have always had a love for babies. For the past three and a half years, I have worked at a school taking care of infants. While there, I observed three families who used a sleep coach to train their babies to sleep, and I was impressed with the results. I also have a sweet friend who used a sleep coach, and that is where I learned about Kim West’s Gentle Sleep Coach program.

I strongly believe in babies/children being able to put themselves to sleep to get the rest that their bodies need. I know for me personally that I have always needed good quality sleep. As a result, I want to help tired families get the rest that they all need. I am passionate about working with parents to find the best method for their families to get their babies sleeping through the night and getting good naps. I truly believe that children can learn to sleep better. I love to see parents finding more joy in parenthood once they are well-rested.

As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach©, I am able to work with your family to coach you through teaching your child to sleep. I use gentle techniques to teach children six months to six years of age how to rest at night and to take a nap. I would love to help you and your child regularly experience peaceful sleep.